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Jenny Simpson (aka, @TrackJenny) is one of the world’s fastest runners, has competed at the highest level in the Olympics and World Championships, and is New Balance’s premier sponsored athlete. She needed to solidify her social content strategy and digital presence to better engage with her fans and more fully collaborate with New Balance. We worked with Jenny to identify strategic insights, develop a full messaging architecture and pacing plan for content, and redesign her website and social properties. The final result was an actionable strategy with a game plan that added up to the umbrella message of “Work Hard. Live Right. Be Brave.”

An Approach We Took
Looked to famous musicians for insights and learnings. Their audiences are also seeking inspiration, motivation, entertainment, and event attendance.

A Number We Can Share
159% increase in Instagram followers after messaging strategy and social content tactics.

A Strategic Insight We Found
Why people follow athletes can be distilled down to three core reasons: Advice, Entertainment, Aspiration. Those reasons, and their subcategories, helped focus content efforts.

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