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Shaping 21 Jump Street’s digital presence – a successful creative partnership.

Working alongside McBeard, The Buddy Group and Sony Pictures on the digital marketing campaign for the 21 Jump Street film was fun. Our responsibilities included overseeing the creative direction and development of a multifaceted digital campaign that included the official interactive website, an engaging Facebook app, an interactive YouTube video in the style of a choose-your-own adventure with Ice Cube, and a whimsical yet informative training manual with shareable content.

To bring our vision to life, we organized a custom photoshoot to capture the essence of the film. For the technical execution of the website, we enlisted the expertise of The Buddy Group.

The culmination of our collective efforts was a success, with the film grossing an impressive $201.6 million at the Box Office. The Sketchfolio team takes immense pride in contributing to the film’s digital marketing success.

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