(Act) Like You Know

20 Years Ago & 1,000 Miles Away

Sketchfolio has turned 20. Our start was so different from where we are now, literally 1,000 miles away.

Stretching After a Career Hibernation

Coming back to work after an 18-year hiatus wasn’t easy but it turned out to be well worth it.

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A New York Minute

What does it take to earn a place on a prestigious New York Times Advertising Externship?

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5 Tips to Avoid Overcomplicating Your Project

Is your project out of control? Our checklist will get you back on track and on budget!

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Creating a Good Web Form

Whether your web form is for customers to sign up for a newsletter, gathering feedback via a survey, or collecting information for a new client project, good web form design is essential to ensuring your clients are engaged and complete

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Benefits of Small Project Releases

Choosing to rollout a project with small releases rather than one huge release can have many benefits. Take the caterpillar. In stage 1, it starts out looking like a simple worm, then in stage 2, it becomes a fuzzy little

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Work-Life Balance at Sketchfolio

At Sketchfolio, we pride ourselves not only on doing amazing work for our clients, but also creating a healthy company culture that values work-life balance. We’ve learned a few things along the way to keep our team happy.

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Book Review – The Truth About Employee Engagement

What is it about? The Truth About Employee Engagement is a surprisingly quick-read and would qualify as a page-turner in my opinion given the genre. Instead of your typical self-help book, it is a “fable” that follows the story of

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Are You Smarter Than Your Intern?

More than 40% of 20-somethings think they’re smarter than their bosses. In this Millennial driven world, can you say you’re smarter than your intern? Do you believe that influence marketing is out and advocates are in?

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Heatmaps: The Frontier of Analytics

Finding True North with Heatmaps It’s old news that B2B marketers are using analytics to measure marketing performance. What we learn from analytics helps us optimize ROI and create more efficient, targeted campaigns. But here’s an analytics headline worth noting:

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Netflix & NBC Tumblrs

It’s always a pleasure working with the talented crew at McBeard. Check out two of our latest custom Tumblr interfaces built for Netflix and NBC’s A.D. Series.

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You’re My Favorite Client

Mike Monteiro is the co-founder and design director of Mule Design, an interactive design studio whose work has been called “delightfully hostile” by The New Yorker. In early 2011 …

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The Napkin

Entertaining video we put together with the help of animator, Steve Skelton.

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2015 Predictions – Back to the Future

So here we are, a few months into the new year and finally settled enough to start dusting off our crystal balls and peering pensively at our tea leaves. What will 2015 hold for marketers? Well, according to our Magic 8-Ball here at Sketchfolio …

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Show Me the B2B Social ROI

It’s no secret that measuring social media ROI is the sharpest thorn on the rose for marketers. With an estimated 1.7 billion users topping all Internet activity, marketers simply can’t ignore the beauty of the numbers. However, without any clear …

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