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Carry The Load is a non-profit founded by three former Navy SEALs with the purpose of restoring the true meaning of Memorial Day. Since its humble beginnings in Dallas, TX, just six years ago, Carry The Load has grown to raise millions of dollars for veterans causes and has partnered with sponsors such as Cracker Jack, Pepsi, Chase and American Airlines. With its increased size, Carry The Load needed an effective digital messaging strategy and updated website to reach a broader audience and take advantage of its growing assortment of sponsors. The resulting messaging strategy uncovered immediate opportunities around awareness and education, and restructured the umbrella message to “Honor and Celebrate Our Nation’s Heroes”. From there, Sketchfolio redesigned the website, built an interactive map of events, and simplified the registration process with the donation platform, Blackbaud.

An Approach We Took
Analyzed demographic differences between donors, social media followers, and U.S. census data to determine opportunities for growth and targeting.

A Number We Can Share
Four days to rewrite, redesign and rebuild the website to take advantage of sponsor activity.

A Strategic Insight We Found
Many people confuse the meaning of Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Carry The Load can “own” education on the history and importance of the Memorial Day holiday.

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