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(Act) Like You Know — February 23, 2022

A New York Minute

What does it take to earn a place on a prestigious New York Times Advertising Externship? The skills I gained at Sketchfolio certainly helped! Having learned even more from T Brand Studio, the custom content agency for the NYT, I’m bringing my new knowledge back home.

At Sketchfolio, we keep it fresh. We pride ourselves on our core values of innovation, smart design, and giving back. Staying relevant to new trends and capabilities is crucial to our business and we love learning from other agencies in our field, so I’m excited to share my new skills as I resume my internship.

T Brand has set itself apart through its mission to “craft stories that help brands make an impact in the world.” At Sketchfolio we produce products that both beautify and functionalize our clients’ spaces. I learned from T Brand how to break rules and reset the mold. I was inspired by their satiric Dropbox campaign that poked fun at corporate lingo and outdated team activities. This encouraged me to think outside the box with our solutions as well as utilize audio in our campaigns.

The Sketchfolio internship program has given me the opportunity to share my own knowledge of this ever-changing field to improve our content and team culture. I hope my contributions can add a new perspective to the amazing work that Sketchfolio is doing!

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