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(Act) Like You Know — December 18, 2018

Creating a Good Web Form

Whether your web form is for customers to sign up for a newsletter, gathering feedback via a survey, or collecting information for a new client project, good web form design is essential to ensuring your clients are engaged and complete the form. Web forms should be like eating a piece of pecan pie: Simple. Easy to swallow. Leaves you feeling satisfied.

Tips to get users to complete your form:

  • Use Multi-step forms when there are a lot of fields.
    • It is less intimidating to the user
    • They are more likely to give out personal info (email, phone, etc…) when it is asked at the last step
  • Remove non-essential fields
    • Condense to just the absolute necessary fields needed to follow up.
  • Give users a reason to complete your form; offer an incentive
    • Discount on a product, free info sheet, a new puppy, etc
  • Make sure the form is accessible
    • Able to navigate with tab keys
    • Clearly labeled
    • Tooltips on fields that may be confusing
  • Use testimonials or social proof near forms
  • Use clear call-to-actions
    • High contrast buttons
    • Large and easy to see
  • Use clear validation messages
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