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Setting the benchmark.

The prospect of partnering with the largest Caterpillar dealer in the United States might have seemed improbable a few years back, given our team’s non-agricultural and non-construction backgrounds. Yet, the ability to step into the shoes of others is a hallmark of a talented creative team. Our collaboration with HOLT CAT, facilitated by our sister agency partner Estate Four, has yielded something truly transformative and industry-defining.

Together, we’ve leveraged our expertise in consulting, product management, UX, UI, and frontend development to navigate complex terrain, including legacy systems, acquired companies, integrations, and intricate processes. Our enduring partnership is grounded in outstanding work, mutual trust, and an unwavering commitment to innovation as we jointly map out a roadmap for the future. This project is just one of many digital properties we’ve had the privilege to work on alongside Estate Four and HOLT. We eagerly anticipate the next decade of collaboration and its potential outcomes.

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