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Transforming lives with Watoto – a global website ecosystem.

Collaborating with mission-driven organizations like Watoto is genuinely rewarding.

Our primary goal of establishing a robust website architecture and ecosystem initially tailored for English-speaking audiences in the United States was a success! Then, we extended the website’s capabilities to multiple global locations and languages. To achieve this, we set up a translation gatekeeping model, enabling translators to have siloed access for different languages and locations in a staging environment that is reviewed before deploying to production. stands as one of the most innovative WordPress implementations in our portfolio, seamlessly blending out-of-the-box and custom solutions, along with pioneering integrations. Working alongside the Watoto team is always a pleasure, as they love what they do and provide incredible videos and photography assets that powerfully convey the stories of the individuals they help and protect. We eagerly anticipate the organization’s future endeavors and the enduring positive impact they will continue to have on the lives they touch.

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