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It’s not an oxymoron. It's the key to what sets Sketchfolio apart. Like a kid walking confidently down the street in a unicorn mask, we believe in playfulness with purpose. After all, the buried treasure isn’t found without the treasure map.

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Creating a Good Web Form

Whether your web form is for customers to sign up for a newsletter, gathering feedback via a survey, or collecting information for a new client project, good web form design is essential to ensuring your clients are engaged and complete

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Benefits of Small Project Releases

Choosing to rollout a project with small releases rather than one huge release can have many benefits. Take the caterpillar. In stage 1, it starts out looking like a simple worm, then in stage 2, it becomes a fuzzy little

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Work-Life Balance at Sketchfolio

At Sketchfolio, we pride ourselves not only on doing amazing work for our clients, but also creating a healthy company culture that values work-life balance. We’ve learned a few things along the way to keep our team happy.

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